Helping to solve The Curse of Oak Island!

With units spanning the globe, the R-CAM XLT has had the opportunity to participate in some unique and interesting applications. Some highlights include assisting in the delivery of potable water to residents of rural Malawi or aiding in the construction of the One World Trade Center project in New York City. 

None, however, may be quite as unique as helping to solve the Curse of Oak Island!

For those unfamiliar with the long-running History Channel program, The Curse of Oak Island, follows Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers from Michigan, who have purchased an island located off of the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Legend has it that in 1795 a group of boys discovered a strange, man-made hole on the island. As the group began to dig, they quickly uncovered artifacts that suggested Oak Island might be the location of an ancient treasure that would grant those brave enough to discover it unimaginable wealth. 

Recently, an eagled eye viewer emailed Laval Underground Surveys to let us know that our R-CAM 1000 XLT system was deployed on Oak Island to aid in the search for the treasure. 

Featured in episode 1 of season 10 of the program, the episode summary reads as follows:

“After a decade of searching, Rick, Marty, and the team return to Oak Island and immediately uncover evidence of a mysterious tunnel in the Money Pit. And for the first time ever, the Fellowship gets a clear look at an underground structure, getting them closer than ever to solving the 227-year-old mystery.”

The Curse of Oak Island season 10, episode one is available to view here.

If you’re seeking your own buried treasure and have questions about the R-CAM XLT or our entire portfolio of underground cameras, call our office at (559) 251-1396 or send an email to

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