DC5150 Deep Well Camera

DC5150 Dual View Borehole Camera

DC5150 Deep Well Camera Back to Cameras The DC5150 Well Camera. The industry standard for over 50 years, this latest generation of our flagship product can be used in wells and boreholes 3 to 30 inches (7.62 to 76.2 cm) in diameter and down to depths of 5,000 feet (1,524 m). Request a Quote DC5150 […]

SC-166 Borehole Camera

SC-166 Camera for Boreholes and Water Wells

SC-166 Borehole Camera Back to Cameras The SC-166 downhole camera is designed for water wells, boreholes and vertical shafts as small as 2 inches in diameter. Request a Quote SC-166 Water Well Camera for Boreholes Overview This camera has effective survey capabilities for 2-inch to 10-inch (5-cm to 25-cm) well diameters. The SC-166 well camera […]

R-Cam Portable Water Well Camera

R-CAM XLT Camera for Underwater Well and Borehole Surveying

R-Cam Portable Water Well Camera Back to Cameras The All New R-Cam 1000 XLT Camera is equipped with two cameras in a single housing, each with a wide-angle lens, for viewing downhole and side view images in water wells or boreholes. Low light level CCD sensors allow the cameras to detect images with minimal lighting […]