For more than 70 years, Laval Underground has enabled better inspection results with superior deep well & borehole camera products. Browse our wide range of complete systems for downhole cameras, water well inspections, underground inspections, & borehole camera systems. For groundwater professionals seeking flexible in-field setups for their well inspection cameras, we also provide camera winches & reels, as well as mounted camera systems for vehicles, skid mounts, and trailers.
Borehole camera Reviews

What Customers Say

The borehole camera is excellent and it makes a night and day difference in our business.

Gary Shawver

Shawver Well Company

I used to borrow a friendly competitor’s camera.  He had a small one with a hand reel and a tripod made of PVC.  It worked for me at times, but the R-cam 1000 downhole camera is heads and shoulders above that.

Scott Miller

Northern Virginia Drilling

I hoped we would use our new R-CAM 1000 at least 1 time per month... but we're averaging closer to 10. Plus, I don't have to subcontract the work out to my competition anymore, and I'm picking up a bunch of additional well rehab work.

Al Boone

Boone Water Systems, Inc

Frequently Asked Questions About Borehole Cameras

The term borehole collectively describes various types of holes drilled during geotechnical investigations, hydrologic investigations, and various types of environmental site assessments. Boreholes allow analysts to collect soil samples, bore water samples, or rock core samples prior to installing underground utilities, geothermal structures, or storage tanks for unwanted materials.
Borehole cameras are watertight camera systems that have been engineered to withstand the high pressures and chemical challenges of deep well inspections and other types of bore inspections. Borehole camera systems are often combined with image sensors, LED lighting, kevlar cables, and video capabilities.

Borehole cameras allow for the inspection & study of deep wells, water wells, & boreholes in depths or spaces that are otherwise inaccessible. Using borehole cameras to study water wells and conduct underground inspections provides key information about the following:

  • Well bore features & conditions
  • The condition of the well casing & pumping system
  • Staining & corrosion which indicates historic water levels
  • The presence or absence of bacteria and other organisms
  • The influx of gases
  • The location of foreign objects, like discarded tools & equipment

Borehole camera systems may also be called well cameras, water well cameras, deep well cameras, downhole camera systems, or well inspection cameras. 



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