CU-500 for DC-5150 Underwater Well Camera

CU500 Back to Control Units The newly released CU500 is the latest technology for the control unit for our large deep water systems. Request a Quote CU-500 for DC-5150 Underwater Well Camera Overview  The CU500 serves as the video source, power supply, functions controller and counter for our deep water systems.  This control unit offers […]

R-Cam XLT Control Unit

DW-2000 XLT Control Unit with Embedded DVR, Video Overlay, Voiceover, and Keyboard

R-Cam XLT Control Unit Back to Control Units Controlling the R-CAM XLT is easier than ever before with our newly updated R-CAM XLT control unit. Request a Quote R-CAM XLT Control Unit for Water Wells and Borehole Cameras. Overview The R-CAM XLT control unit comes equipped with a state-of the art solid state DVR that […]