Ancora Engineering Keeps New York City Building with their SC-350 Professional Package

One of the greatest advantages of our ultra-portable SC-350 & 500 borehole inspection systems is how easily they can be transported. The system can be hand-carried into difficult terrain and set up to record in a matter of minutes. But what if you have multiple, ongoing surveys to conduct and are having to deal with constantly changing weather and terrain conditions?

One such customer who was experiencing these challenging scenarios was Ancora Engineering, a firm that specializes in deep foundation inspections for new high-rise construction projects in large, metropolitan areas like New York City. To help deal with the high duty cycle and changing conditions, the team at Ancora devised a unique way of quickly and easily transporting their SC-350 Professional Package around the building site.

Mike Burns, Associate Engineer for Ancora Engineering, had this to say about his experiences using the SC-350 Professional Package in the field –  

While the standard SC-350 & SC-500 systems are equipped with our ultra-slim SC-166 camera (only 1.66 inches O.D.), the Professional Package increases the versatility of the system by adding our R-CAM dual-view camera, a touch-screen DVR, and a tripod with an encoded sheave counter. 

We want to thank the team at Ancroa Engineering for their continued support as they continue to use their SC-350 Professional Package on these critical jobs. Click here to learn more about the SC-350 & 500 ultra-portable borehole inspection systems.

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