Thinking about a Deepwater Borehole Inspection System? Here is what you need to keep top of mind.

A deepwater borehole inspection system is the ideal platform for collecting visual inspection data from depths as great as 5,000 feet. Combining versatility and comfort, these systems are designed to handle the rigors of multiple daily inspections for decades to come.

As you might imagine, there are a number of things to consider when starting the discovery process for building your system. In this video, Eric Hadden – V.P. of Sales & Marketing, covers the top things you should be considering when starting your discovery process for a deepwater borehole inspection system.

Interested in learning more? Start by visiting our systems page to see the different configurations that are possible when designing a deepwater borehole inspection system.

At Laval Underground Surveys, we introduced the world’s first borehole camera system over 70 years ago. Today, we continue to manufacture industry-leading borehole inspection camera systems and our BoreSaver line of well rehabilitation chemicals. Visit our Contact Us page and a sales representative will quickly be in touch.

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