Aries Service FAQs – News from the Underground, October 2023

For the past 75 years, we at Laval Underground Surveys have taken pride in the role our company has played in shaping the future of the downhole camera industry. From the creation of the world’s first borehole camera in the late 1940s to the introduction of live video and LED lighting technology – we have played a major part in some of the most pivotal moments in the history of this industry.

This past June marked another one of these inflection points as we completed our acquisition of Aries Industries Water Well camera division, a transaction that has solidified our position as the world’s preeminent manufacturer of downhole camera technology.

We are excited to have completed this acquisition and we recognize that many of you have questions regarding the future of your equipment and how repairs will be managed moving forward.

With this in mind, we wanted to address some of the frequently asked questions we have received over the past several weeks –

How do I receive service or support for my Aries camera?
Many of the Aries components that were used, even in new cameras, were discontinued parts that are currently only available in limited quantities. Consequently, there may be repairs that we are unable to complete due to part obsolescence.

The first step is to determine if your camera is eligible for repair by calling our office at (559) 251-1396. We will need the serial numbers from your equipment and then we can discuss your specific issue and determine if it would be appropriate to move forward with a repair.

I’ve spoken to a member of the LUS team and determined that my equipment can be evaluated, what are the next steps?
Prior to sending your equipment for repair, you will need to obtain an RMA number.
Visit and fill out the online form. Once complete, you will receive an email with a unique case ID and instructions on returning the equipment to our office.

This case ID will allow our team to track your repair and provide status updates. If you have any questions regarding the information requested on the page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will you continue to produce Aries equipment moving forward? How can I “future-proof” my existing system?
There are no plans to continue to produce the Aries BT9600 and 9700 series of cameras, nor are there plans to produce any additional Aries control units or DVRs.

Understandably, some customers have expressed concerns about the long-term viability of their existing equipment. Given the current part shortages we are facing, the most stable option would be to upgrade to existing LUS equipment, such as the DC5150 deepwater camera, the CU500 control unit, and our standalone DVR.

We are happy to discuss the available options that exist to upgrade your equipment to the current LUS portfolio.

The entire team at Laval Underground Surveys is excited at the opportunity to service Aries customers and usher in this new era for the borehole camera industry.

If you have questions or are seeking assistance, please contact us by calling (559) 251-1396 or emailing

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