Another Deep Water Vehicle Camera System Completed!

The end of 2022 saw the completion of another deep water vehicle-based system by Laval Underground Surveys.

Commissioned by a customer in Georgia, this system is equipped with 4,000 ft. of cable, our DC5150 deep water camera, an interior boom mount, and two rack-mounted 17” viewing monitors.

Kristina Kinzel, East Coast sales representative, had this to say about working on the project:

For these large custom systems, communication with the client is key. We spend a significant amount of time upfront understanding what their needs are and it makes the whole process quicker and easier. This was a large project so it was fun to watch it all come together; from an empty van to a top-of-the-line, fully loaded camera inspection vehicle in just a few months.

 Kristina Kinzel, East Coast Sales

Now that the installation phase of the project is complete, the system will be transported back to Georgia where it will be put into service and provide decades worth of reliable, high-quality video survey data.

Have you thought about a vehicle-based camera system? Click below to view a brief video that outlines some of the top things you should be considering when evaluating a vehicle-based camera system.

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