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BART Test for Slime Forming Bacteria

BART Test for Slime Forming Bacteria

BART Test for Slime Forming Bacteria


Slime-forming bacteria is another type of nuisance bacteria that can cause performance issues with your water system. Our BART test for slime-forming bacteria will quickly provide you with insight into your water chemistry.

Identical to the Hach product 2432509– our patented BART tests are affordable, easy to use, and are in stock now.

Conducting a test is easy. Simply collect a water sample from the well in question and pour it into the BART testing vial. Observe the vial for eight days. The IRB BART test will display a positive result when there is foam produced and/or a brown ring develops as a ring around the interior vial of the testing tube.

Depending on how quickly a reaction is observed, this provides you with an indication of the bacterial count within the sample. For example, if a reaction is observed within one day of the test, the bacteria count is high with a reading equal to, or greater than, 570,000 CFU/ml (colony forming unit).

A negative test has no brown color, no color, and no clouding within 8 days.

Please Note: One order contains three testing vials
Manufacturer’s part number: 2432509



Please Note: An order contains a minimum of three tests.