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Pioneering Well Camera Inspection For Over 70 Years

Over 70 years ago, Claude Laval, Jr. invented the first borehole camera system. Years later, we carry on that pioneering tradition through consistent innovation in our wide range of products for groundwater professionals.

Laval Underground Surveys Acquires Top Competitor's Water Well Camera Division, Establishing Itself as the World's Largest Water Well Camera Manufacturer

Fresno, CA, May 25th, 2023
What We Do

We were the first. We’re still the leader.

Laval Underground Surveys pioneered the concept of well camera inspection more than 70 years ago. Invented by Claude Laval, Jr. decades ago, Laval camera systems are now installed throughout the world, advancing superior video quality, ease-of-use, and product innovation for groundwater professionals all over the world.

Our products include winches and reels, cameras, control units, lighting systems, and high-grade accessories designed to enhance equipment performance and the quality of survey results. From the R-Cam Water Well Camera to the DC5150 Deep Well Camera, Laval Underground provides superior quality and product innovation to support the work of groundwater professionals.

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Our Products

Over 70 Years Of Innovation
In Every Product.


Improve image quality for your surveys with our water well cameras and borehole cameras.
For diameters between 2 inches to 48 inches and up to 5000 feet deep.

Enhance your camera versatility, portability, and performance with our camera systems. Includes mounts for trailers, vehicles, and skid plates.
Boresaver Chemicals
Reduce clogs and residue buildup in wells, bores, pumps, and pipes with our BoreSaver chemical treatments. We also provide patented tests to expedite the diagnosis of iron bacteria in wells.
Control Units
Take control of your camera system or deep water system with our newly updated control units. Existing R-CAM customers can upgrade their existing units for exciting new updates.
Winches & Reels
Our winches and reels are designed to ensure that your surveys and inspections run smoothly. Includes both mini winches and power winches.

Make sure your cameras or video systems don’t miss a thing with our superior lighting systems.
Includes both military-grade lighting and efficient LED lighting.

R-CAM TLE Level Wind Borehole Camera on Jobsite

Continuous Innovation For 70+ Years.

Since the 1940’s, Laval Underground Surveys has consistently developed and improved its well camera and borehole systems, allowing for superior data collection during surveys of wells, boreholes, and pipes.

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No Guesses

With superior image quality and adjustable LED lighting, our camera systems are ideal for those who care about the details.

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Convenient Features

Features like the built-in microphone on our R-Cam 1000 XLT allow for real-time notes during surveys.

Excellent Service

Laval Underground remains committed to supporting the work of groundwater professionals.


Hear From Our Customers

The camera is excellent and it makes a night and day difference in our business.

Gary Shawver

Shawver Well Company

I used to borrow a friendly competitor’s camera.  He had a small one with a hand reel and a tripod made of PVC.  It worked for me at times, but the R-cam 1000 is heads and shoulders above that.

Scott Miller

Northern Virginia Drilling

I hoped we would use our new R-CAM 1000 at least 1 time per month... but we're averaging closer to 10. Plus, I don't have to subcontract the work out to my competition anymore, and I'm picking up a bunch of additional well rehab work.

Al Boone

Boone Water Systems, Inc


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