LUS-DVR Digital Recorder for Vehicle Mounted Systems
LUS-DVR Digital Recorder for Vehicle Mounted Systems


Introducing the latest recording technology for vehicle-based camera systems, the self-contained, solid-state DVR from Laval Underground Surveys.

While DVD records have been considered the mainstay for many years, they have become increasingly unreliable, difficult to maintain, and prone to video data loss.

This plug-and-play accessory is designed to replace your aging DVD recorders with a new, state-of-the-art DVR that records survey footage to both 16GB of internal storage and an expandable USB flash thumb drive.

Survey footage is exported natively to either a .ts or .mp4 format, meaning it will play on all major PC operating systems without the need for file conversion. Files can easily be uploaded to the cloud or transferred to your customer via an additional USB stick.

The included mini-Bluetooth keyboard controls all DVR functions. Features include: starting/stopping recordings, taking .jpeg still image screenshots, and adding textual descriptors of your survey.

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