Condition of Shipped Equipment

Over the past 12 months we have witnessed an unprecedented amount of damaged shipments at the hands of shipping carriers. In an effort to combat this issue, we ask that you please inspect the packaging for visual indications of damage prior to signing the receipt. Damage may include holes, punctures or dents in the cardboard, missing metal straps, etc. Below is a visual reference of the condition of your system prior to shipment.

If the packaging is damaged or there are discrepancies on the carrier’s Bill of Lading, please note all the damage on the delivery receipt. Do not allow the driver to leave without marking “DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt.

If the damage has occurred but is not noted at the time of delivery, it can be exceptionally difficult to hold the shipping carrier liable for damage that has occurred in transit.


These photos represent the condition of your R-CAM XLT/TLE
shipping container prior to leaving our facility. Please inspect the exterior of the box for holes, dents, or punctures.


BoreSaver Ultra C, regardless of quantity, will ship on a pallet. Each pallet will be wrapped, banded, and will include the appropriate SDS sheets. Please ensure that the wrapping has not been punctured and that the product appears to be contained within the sealed buckets.