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1950 Stereoscopic Water Well Camera

Laval Underground Surveys is proud that our borehole camera and well rehabilitation products are being used to improve the water infrastructure and quality of life for the citizens of rural Malawi. The Climate Justice Fund has partnered with Geoquip, the exclusive European Distributor for Laval Underground Surveys, to assist the Government of Malawi in assessing and improving the condition of water wells and boreholes in rural areas throughout the country.

To aide in the collection of this data, project experts have been relying on video data collected from underground cameras produced by Laval Underground Surveys, specifically, the SC-500 Ultra-Portable Borehole Camera System equipped with the SC-166 small diameter camera.

“Using a camera is the best way of verifying that a well is clear, it means we can check the pump and the casing and the wellbore itself and make sure it is all working properly…Given the conditions and the fact we that all our daily equipment was in the back of our vehicle, it was important that the camera was portable, small and easy to maneuver and this one was ideal for the job.” – Charles Stafford, Graduate Assistant, Masters Candidate in Hydrogeology

In addition to using Laval Underground Surveys camera systems to survey the water wells, certain areas of Malawi are affected by iron bacteria biofouling. Upon the recommendation of Geoquip, BoreSaver Ultra C was presented as a solution for removing iron bacteria bio-fouling from various wells:

“We were working closely with the Malawi Ministry of Irrigation, Agriculture, and Water Development and…BoreSaver treatments had never been used before in Malawi, but once we showed them GeoQuip’s literature and usage guidelines and explained the process, they were happy to sign it off and were impressed with the end results…It worked really well, we did a follow-up camera survey and pumping test two hours later and most of the casing looked brand new.” – Charles Stafford

A special thanks to Geoquip and The Climate Justice Fund for their continued work with the Malawi Ministry of Irrigation, Agriculture, and Water Development.

The full article is available by clicking this link.

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