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Large System Repair Kit for Water Well Camera

Large System Cable Head Repair Kit

Part # 108352


After using the steel reinforced coaxial cable with your Laval Well Camera for a period of time, the connection at the end that attaches to the borehole camera will experience normal wear and will need to be replaced.  This is a simple procedure and something that happens on all cables with a terminated connection.  To minimize the downtime and effort, we have put together a simple re-head kit for our steel armored, single conductor, coaxial cable.  This kit applies to all steel amored cables sold with our water well cameras for the past 60 years.  It consists of:

  • 1 underwater bulkhead connector
  • 1 UHF Connector
  • 2 O-Rings
  • 1 Underwater Connection Cable
  • 2 Pieces of Water Tight Shrink Tubing
  • 1 Set of instructions with diagrams to perform the re-head procedure

You can purchase this kit through Laval Underground Surveys or an authorized distributor.  Please contact us or your nearest distributor for pricing and availability.

Last Updated Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 06:32 AM.

I used to borrow a friendly competitor’s camera.  He had a small one with a hand reel and a tripod made of PVC.  It worked for me at times, but the R-cam 1000 is heads and shoulders above that.

– Scott Miller, Northern Virginia Drilling