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Events Schedule

Come and see our borehole cameras and Iron Bacteria Solutions in person and meet with our professional sales team at one of the trade shows listed below:


Texas Ground Water Trade Show:
January 27-29th, 2016 (San Marcos, TX)


World Ag Expo: February 9-11th, 2016 (Tulare, CA)


Pacific Northwest Ground Water Association: March 18-19th, 2016 (Portland, OR)


Florida Ground Water Convention:
May 5-7th, 2016 (Orlando, FL)


IFAT: May 30th-June 3rd, 2016 (Munich, Germany)

South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee:
June 16-18th, 2016 (Myrtle Beach, SC)


GeoFluid: October 5-8th, 2016 (Piacenza Expo, Italy) 

California Ground Water Association Expo:
October 20-22nd, 2016 (Reno, NV)


National Ground Water Association Expo:
December 6-8th, 2016 (Las Vegas, NV)

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I used to borrow a friendly competitor’s camera.  He had a small one with a hand reel and a tripod made of PVC.  It worked for me at times, but the R-cam 1000 is heads and shoulders above that.

– Scott Miller, Northern Virginia Drilling